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Parental Tracking Features

While the privacy of a child on their path to adolescence is important, safety matters even more. 2019 has seen a spike in the number of cyber-crime cases with children as a victim; there have also been instances where social media or at the very least smartphone technology played some part in such a grievous incident. So, as a worrying parent of a teenage child or children, one of the best things you can do is avail a free mobile tracker app. Installing a mobile tracking app on your child’s smartphone does not even cost a dime. For Celltracker is there to be your child’s guardian angel, for no cost at all!

Why you need a free parental tracker app?

Parental tracker apps such as Celltracker can help you keep tabs on your child’s online activities; you can also monitor how much time they spend on the internet, etc. If you are wondering whether this is an infringement of their privacy or not, then you should consider what children are exposed to on the internet:

  1. Prevent Cyber-bullying

    Online harassment and various forms of cyber-bulling have made their presence felt in our culture for some time. Bullying takes many forms, so it is not surprising that on the vast internet there are always bullies lurking to harass children. With Android spy apps like Celltracker you can ensure there is no such danger to your kids.

  2. Curb Internet addiction

    Internet addiction is a genuine cause for alarm among parents. It definitely contributes to bad grades, and overexposure to social media and e-commerce can spoilt the morals of impressionable children. With cell tracker you can find out where your child spends time online and for how long.

  3. Curb Online gaming

    Esports may be a promising career prospect but not at the expense of academics and a realistic social life. Children spend a lot of time playing games online on their smartphone. They also spend ridiculous amounts of money on in-game items out of their parent’s card. With a parental tracker, such as Celltracker, you can curb their online game usage.

  4. Protection from predators

    The internet is also a veritable jungle filled with predators who always try to lure children. To protect your child from such stranger-danger, all you need to download is a mobile tracker free app. Celltracker can help you monitor your child’s online socializing.

  5. Protection from lewd messaging

    Sexting is rampant in the present generation. With multimedia messaging becoming more accessible, children in their puberty tend to commit acts which can later go on to spell disaster in their adult life. With a parental tracker on your child’s phone you can prevent them from indulging in such risky habits.

  6. Filtering pornography

    Pornography is merely a click away from any internet user. Children tend to stray to pornographic sites when they are unsupervised. It may not be easy to detect the peer pressure of the age; but, you can certainly prevent your children from visiting pornographic sites on their smartphone with a free mobile tracker app.

Vigilance is a stitch in time that saves nine; and with Celltracker you can do just that for your child.